Monday, June 2, 2008

Voting for Ogrant has Begun!!

Yaaayy! So voting has begun for the Ogrants! As it turns out, only students can vote, so if any of you out there is a student, or knows a student, and wants to help, they can go to the O-grant website, and register in the top right-hand corner (I think you need a student email address to be able to vote), then, after registering click here to vote for my application (just click “SUPPORT,” in the top right-hand corner). They take the number of votes into consideration when they choose the recipients, so I would really appreciate any votes I can get!!! Feel free to email me if you have any questions along the way!



Graham Falk said...

Hi Kristy, I can't believe how much stuff you can do, are you from the planet Krypton? Good luck with the grant – I looked at the Ogrant website . . . I couldn't figure out if only OCA students can vote for you, or if any student from Ontario can vote?

Kristy Gordon said...

Awww, thanks Graham!! Any Ontario student (highschool or college) can register and vote (and if ANY of you out there are students, I would just appreciate it so much if you did!!! I really don't know that many Ontario students, but they take the number of votes greatly into consideration when they choose the winners:(