Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Solo Exhibition, "Rise," at Cube Gallery

A 360 degree view of the show, which can also be viewed HERE
My solo exhibition at Cube Gallery in Ottawa opened today (1285 Wellington Street West).  There will be a vernissage and catalogue launch this Sunday (April 29th) from 2 to 5pm, which I am flying up from New York city to attend.  I am so grateful to everyone at Cube Gallery for the amazing job they did putting it all together.  Check out the pics below, I think they did an amazing job!  Also, a huge thank you to Peter Simpson from the Ottawa Citizen for the amazing article he wrote about the exhibition, which you can read HERE.  As well, Paul Gessell from Ottawa Magazine did a wonderful interview with me that can be read HERE.  He asked some great questions!  I also want to thank Patrick Gordon's Framing for the wonderful framing he did for the show.  Also a huge thanks to all of you who have given me so much support!  I am deeply grateful to have such a wonderful group of collectors, art appreciators, artists, friends and family who have all done so much to support me and help me live out my dreams as an artist.  You guys keep me going. You are truly the best!  I am so excited to see you all again at the vernisage this Sunday!!!!  Much love,  Kristy (ps, My wonderful gallerist Don Monet just emailed me and we have already sold 3 major pieces and have a couple on hold in just the first day of previews.  Yay!!  THANKS EVERYONE!!! I am overwhelmed with gratitude for all the support!)

A photo of the show with a view of the catalogue in the font.