Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting Painting 123, Paintingness is Good for You and Meeee

Meep, I'm too tired to think or write... I'm just not on, so everything I say or think sounds stupid and idiotic to me, BUT I thought I'd post these quick studies I've done so far in Florence. The first one is of the River Arno and the second is of my roommate, Ameara sketching at the cemetery near San Miniato Del Monte. Below them are pictures of me painting at the cemetery taken by the wonderful photographer and my good friend, Shane Fester. Enjoy (see, what did I tell you, I'm SO not on, everything I write sounds boring right now)

River Arno at Dusk 8x10 inches, oil on panel

Ameara Sketching at the Cemetary 10x8 inches, oil on panel

Sunday, September 13, 2009

A whole new world, a dazzling place I never knew....

Welp, woo, I'm livin' in Firenze now, for the next 8 months:D I've moved in with two really nice girls, and we have a sweet apt here about a 10 minute walk from the Duomo! So far we've discovered that my Italian is worse then I ever thought possible and that fig gelatos are the best thing ever. Other minor cultural differences include toilets that are designed to make poo-smears as long as possible and killer mosquitos that attack you in the night. But the light here is amazing and so are the people. There's a cool piazza where everyone hangs out and drinks outside every night (drinking outside is legal, while things like "creating dirt," washing yourself in public and swinging on children's swing sets are not). I've already gone out and done a couple plein air paintings with the homemade painting box that I constructed out of foam core the day I arrived (I'll post 'em soon;) and we're planning on taking a trip to the coast one weekend soon, so it'll be neat to see more of Italy:)

my "bedroom" (yes, the walls are constructed out of sheets)

our kitchen

our Ikea livingroom

drinking in the piazza

view of the Duomo at dusk

pretty pretty pretty (Duomo)

the doors that started the Renaissance (and random people that I don't know who actually are posed quite nicely for this pic;)