Monday, June 20, 2011

Beyond Certainty: Flaws of Form

It's neat how sometimes there are themes that run through a few shows that I'm in all around the same time, and recently there have been a couple shows that highlight female figurative artists. The Exhibition "Beyond Certainty: Flaws of Forms" will take place at the Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts (984 Queen St West, Toronto) from June 22 through July 3rd. There will be an opening reception on Friday June 24th from 7 to 9pm. I'm actually in Norway apprenticing with Odd Nerdrum for a couple months right now, so I wont be able to attend, but I hope you all go and take lots of photos for me!! I'll have eight of my latest paintings in it, including the two below as well as the two from my previous post.

"Indigo," oil on canvas, 10"x 8"

"Christina," oil on canvas, 10"x 8"

Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Paintings of Friends

Here's a couple new paintings I just finished of my friends here in Toronto. I'm moving away from Toronto next week (flying to Norway first to apprentice with Odd Nerdrum, then I'll probably return to BC for a bit or something). I'm really going to miss all my friends in Ontario and I was so happy to get to paint Christina Mazzulla and Nicki Brooks before I leave!

"Looking Inward," oil on canvas, 24"x 30"

"Nicki," oil on canvas, 18"x 14"