Monday, June 23, 2008

Mannequin Painting

Here's another new peecture that I recently feeneeshed.

"i wish i were invisible" mixed media on panel, 12 x 9 inches, 2008


Mitch K said...

YES That was me!

The colours in this are fantastic. :D

Kristy Gordon said...

hehehe, thanks Mitch!!

Eric Orchard said...

Your work is really stunning Kristy! Your brush strokes are gorgeous as is your palette choices.

trevor said...

I LOVE paintings that require you to take a second look! At first, I thought you had physically painted a mannequin and took a snapshot of it.

This is awesome! Did you paint the newspaper background legitimately, or is it real newspaper and then a painted mannequin on top ( I'm guessing the latter ).


- trevor.

Kristy Gordon said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS!!! I am so relieved to hear people like it! This is a pretty personal piece. The background was indeed made up of torn together paper like newsprint, only it was actually pages torn out of old notebooks that I used to keep track of everything that I ate (did that for a few years!) Um, so yeah, in that way it kinda relates to the whole mannequin theme... yeaaaaah


Paul B said...

i love your work! specially in the R&S APC!

Do more tutorials! do more tutorials!

hahaha! and, of course, you are invited to my blog!

your fan, Paul.

Justin said...

ditto on the second look. I thought it was a real photo too! Very nice.

Dianne Mize said...

Just found your blog. Really enjoyed prowling around. Very intriguing palette. Love what you are doing.

Kristy Gordon said...

Eee, thank you guys so much!! That's really actually great to hear! That totally encourages me to keep getting more experimental and stuff:) Thanks Everyone!!!

Hobo Divine said...


What is feeneeshed?
Is that the technique of the applying the words/lists to an oil painting?

I love it!
The words are as if she is trying to distract herself while feeling over exposed and half a person in a place she rather not be.

Yes I've definitely been there!