Sunday, June 22, 2008

Matthew D Innis' Blog

I first met Matthew a couple of years ago in one of Juan Martinez' workshops, and we stayed in touch through email afterwards. Over the years he has taught me about the realist art world a lot. He'd email me when i asked about who studied under whom, and told me all about Frank Reilly, who taught a number of the best realist artists around today! Matt's just so knowledgable about artists, art history, materials and techniques! Anyone who wants to educate themselves in realist art should visit his blog, Underpaintings daily, I know I will be!


innisart said...


Those are very nice comments about me, and I appreciate them. I hope I can live up to the confidence you place in me. There are so many artists out there who know more than I, that the best I can hope to do is provide a different point of view, when someone else can provide a better scientific answer.

As artists, I think we all have a certain love of learning, whether it is from books, blogs, seeing, or painting, and I hope we can continue to share and learn from each other.

A favorite blog of mine, which I visit daily, is James Gurney's Gurney Journey. (
I encourage everyone to visit it!

-Matt Innis

Kristy Gordon said...
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Kristy Gordon said...

Oh Wow! James Gurney's blog does seem really great! I actually hadn't checked it out before, THANKS MATT!