Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Self-Portraits

Here are a couple new self-portraits that I've done since I've been here in Florence. I guess this is kinda a self-discovery year for me, and maybe it's not been the easiest time so far, so I think that's coming through in these new self-portraits:P

"Disconnect," oil on panel, 12"x 9," 2009

"By Myself," oil on panel, 8"x 6," 2009


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

Hey'll get better I promise!
When I was 20 I moved to Mallorca Spain to study Art...all by myself.New Life, New family.
Be strong,you're there for your passion, and by the time you're ready to leave, I promise'll want to stay.
HUGS.(I think you need some)
P.S. I haven't done a self portrait for many years...but I'm a little afraid of what I'll see...yours are brilliant, but I'm feeling your loneliness.

Gregory Becker said...

These self portraits are powerful.

Dan Corey said...

Great and moving..

Lauren Andersson said...

Hi Kristy!

Wow, these are amazing. I love the close up one. The ones below that you did over there too turned out really nice :) Even if there haven't been easy times it looks like you are getting alot out of your studies over there. Keep it up, miss you here in Ottawa!

glenellynboy said...

A very personal manner here, besides the obvious realism.

Clive said...

Wow,Florence. I spent a year there in my last year in school and have never been back. I'll visit the blog a little more regularly not just to see your new work but also to see what you're up to and to see if things have changed. I expect you get your art supplies from Zecchis' if it's still there...?

Peggi Habets said...

Very powerful portraits, Kristy. The growth comes with growing pains. Keep going!

Vanwall said...

Rembrandt painted honest self-portraits that showed his travails writ on his face - these have that quality, one that makes me uncomfortable if I look at them too long. That's a kind of genius, the kind that scalds a little - be well.

Pho Leng Lion Dance said...

You are very talented! Read great artist!

Donna MacDonald said...

I've enjoyed watching your blog and also your portrait painting on Bravo television. You are a very gifted painter.

I have awarded you the "Sunshine Blog Award". Please come to my blog to see it. (No obligation)

Donna MacDonald