Friday, September 25, 2009

Painting Painting 123, Paintingness is Good for You and Meeee

Meep, I'm too tired to think or write... I'm just not on, so everything I say or think sounds stupid and idiotic to me, BUT I thought I'd post these quick studies I've done so far in Florence. The first one is of the River Arno and the second is of my roommate, Ameara sketching at the cemetery near San Miniato Del Monte. Below them are pictures of me painting at the cemetery taken by the wonderful photographer and my good friend, Shane Fester. Enjoy (see, what did I tell you, I'm SO not on, everything I write sounds boring right now)

River Arno at Dusk 8x10 inches, oil on panel

Ameara Sketching at the Cemetary 10x8 inches, oil on panel


Jessica Rae Gordon said...

oooo weee! These are great! And they sure do look good together. The pinks in her hair and the pinks in the sunset and on the roof ...

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

You were a renaissance painter in your past Life..
Always I am need no words, don't worry, as long as we see your's NEVER boring!

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

I just googled "portrait painting blog" and you popped up! I think we both belong to the Portrait Society of Canada, so nice to meet you on the internet.

Thanks for posting the photo of you making the painting! It is smaller than I expected - very nice work!

Laurel Alanna McBrine said...

Oh, I forgot to say, I noticed that you are from Nelson, B.C. I grew up in B.C. as well, in Lavington (about 15 minutes from both Lumby and Vernon)so it is nice to meet a fellow westerner. I am having an attack of envy over your sojourn in Florence - I wish I had done that when I was younger and unencumbered. I once stayed in a pensione overlooking the Arno. It had apparently once been chosen as the location for "A Room With a View", so that was cool - there were frescos on the walls of the room, the public areas were full of antiques, and the bathrooms reeked of urine. In the end, they used a different location to film. It was near a bridge and all night long the Vespas buzzed by, so sleeping was a bit difficult, but that place is stuck in my memory forever.