Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Portrait Society of America's Portrait Conference Notes

Here are just a few random notes I took at different parts of the PSOA conference.

Calvin Goodman - a leading expert on the business of art
When he was discussing developing your style as an artist, Calvin said to copy your favorite artist, and when you you get to the point that you see something that they've done that you can do better, move onto someone else.

Also, he said that the two or so sentences of an artists statement should be designed to make us think more about the nature of the work/story then we would have without the write-up.

Mary Whyte
She says if you don't feel strongly about what you're painting, neither will the viewer. Get to know yourself and what you want to paint. Nurture the little artist within you.

She said to make a list of the five senses (touch, sound, smell, sight, taste) of things that really wow you. (so touch might be the wind blowing in your face...that sorta thing) Many of these things will harken back to your childhood.

Also, for artist block sit down and write three pages (this is from The Artist's Way) about anything at all. Detox your mind by sitting near the ocean, or in the forest - different souls need different things, and then going home after and write down anything that comes to you.

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