Monday, April 28, 2014

Finalist in the Portrait Society of America's 2014 International Portrait Competition

I had such a great time at the Portrait Society of America's 16th Annual Art of the Portrait Conference this year.  I love how each year the Portrait Society brings together such a diverse group of people with so many different backgrounds and beliefs and we all connect so soulfully around our mutual love of painting people.  It was an incredible honor this year that my painting "Star Child" was selected as a finalist in their International Portrait Competition.  It was the first year I've had one of my painting selected in the competition, and it was incredible to participate in the conference at that level this year.  Also, I had many people asking me if this was the first nude, or perhaps first full frontal nude ever accepted into the competition, which I can't answer for sure, but I am curious now myself.  It would be amazing if my painting was the one that opened up that door for the first time ever! I met so many amazing artists over the weekend, saw so many stunning demos and heard amazing lectures and have returned to New York thoroughly inspired and ready to start on some new work! Also, check out the stunning painting by the amazing (and humble and sweet) painter Bryce Billings, entitled "A Father's Dreams and a Son's Love" which won the grand prize!  His son was there with him and it was such an epic moment when they went on to the stage together to receive the award.  It was also framed in a stunning handcrafted wooden frame which he had made himself. A huge congratulations to all the finalists and winners this year!  To see images of the 20 finalists paintings (which were selected from 1698 entries!) I check out the post on my friend Matthew Innis' blog Underpaintings.  Also, I've posted more photos on my instagram account which you can check out as well!

Onstage with Edward Jonas and Kim Azzarito
"Star Child" the first full frontal nude finalist at PSOA ever??

"Star Child" among the 20 finalists out of 1698 entries

Bryce Billings' Grand Prize winning painting
Bryce and his son receiving the grand prize

The winners and finalists on stage

The winners and finalists on stage

Cecilia Beaux Panel Discussion

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