Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BP Award Submission and Dolphin in New York!

Today I officially made my first submission ever to the BP Award, the National Portrait Gallery's annual portrait competition a showcase of contemporary portraits from around the world.  This competition is difficult to enter, as it requires the actual painting be sent to London England for judging.  In the past this has been too difficult for me, but this year I asked my dear friend Alanna if I could ship my painting to her in England and have her bring it to the competition entry point in London.  She amazingly and generously did do this huge favor for me and here are the photos to prove it was successfully submitted!  So keep your fingers crossed for me!

Also, on this momentous day, I went for a nice walk along the East shore of Manhattan this morning and SAW A DOLPHIN SWIMMING AND JUMPING IN THE WILD WILD WATERS OF NEW YORK!!!!  For those of you who have followed my past posts, you know that the dolphin revealed itself to me as my animal spirit guide about a year ago.  Seeing this amazing creature today was truly magical.  Obviously it was also a bit lost, so I pointed it out to some nearby police and soon saw a police boat out there and the 'lil dolphin disappeared.  I'm sure we can watch the new to find out what happens from here, so keep your fingers crossed for the dolphin as well! (ps, any other New Yorkers that saw this dolphin and got better photos add your links!! I want to see better photos! :)

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