Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trinary Review on Visual Encounters

Visual Encounters has posted a review of the exhibition at Cube gallery, as well as some good photos of the show! The show is up until March 27th (1285 Wellington Street West, Ottawa). For more information please contact them at or call them at (613)728-2111.


Lauren Andersson said...

Hi Kristy!!

My mum and I just recently saw the exibit, it was so great to see some of you stuff from italy and your latest works. Very beautiful paintings!! I couldn't believe how big that one with the mask was, I can never tell when you post your work online how big they are since even your smaller studies can have such detail. It was really nice to to see them up close. Sorry to have missed you at the big nite, but looks like it turned out great!


Kristy Gordon said...

Aww, that's so sweet, thanks Lauren! Hehe, I know, that one is so much bigger then I usually work isn't it:P Thanks for checking out the show! I hope you're doing awesome Lauren and hope to see you sometime soon!