Sunday, February 13, 2011

Portrait Society of America - Members Only Competition

It has just been announced that my painting "Armour at the Bardini," has received an honourable mention in the Still-Life category of the Portrait Society of America's Members Only Competition!

"Armour at the Bardini," oil on panel, 12"x 8"


We Blog Artists said... is a remarkable piece!

Kristy Gordon said...

Thank you so much Char! :)

Vanwall said...

Well done! I love that one! You've caught the look of armor like few others - I was at the Philly Art Museum some years ago, and the armor collection is superb, but somewhat sterile. I contrasted it with the collections I'd seen in Europe, and there was something about the light that was different, this makes me think of the captured flags from the Napoleonic period, and the ranks of horse armor in a few French museums, and how the light catches them in a different way than they are presented here in the States. Congrats, and well deserved!

Kristy Gordon said...

Aw, thanks Vanwall! That's cool that you got to check out the armour collection at the Philly Art Museum! I'd like to check that out sometime (I'd also like to go back to the Bardini in Florence;)