Sunday, November 7, 2010

Eric Fischl Show in Toronto

Last Thursday me and a few friends attended the Eric Fischl exhibition at Barbara Edwards Contemporary (1069 Bathurst St, near Dupont, Toronto). The show runs until November 13, 2010. This is the first time Fischl has exhibited in Toronto since the 1980's. It was wonderful to see his large scale painterly figurative watercolours. At the gallery I also looked through a book that they had of his oil paintings and found this quote by Fischl in it on psychology in his paintings:
“I don’t think my work is so much about opening up wounds. I think it’s about understanding the nature of the wound. I’m not bleeding on the canvas. I, like most people, have suffered traumatic events. The character of a person’s life is determined by the way they deal with those events. I am a creative person and I deal with it creatively.”
- Eric Fischl

Eric Fischl, "Untitled 2010", watercolour on paper, 60"x 40"


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