Saturday, October 9, 2010

Collaboration Issue of Poets and Artists Magazine

My work is featured in the latest issue of Poets & Artists (Oranges & Sardines). It's an honor to be in the company of so many other great artists. For this issue Didi Menendez has paired artists with poets, who worked together, discussing a theme that interests both, then each created a work on that theme. I was delighted to be paired with Matthew Hittinger, a New York-based poet, and together we collaborated on the theme of personal armour. You can see the article online HERE. With Poets and Artists magazine, Didi has created a wonderful venue for artists to show their work. It was an honour to be included in this issue and a pleasure to work with Didi. Didi created an interesting theme for this issue and did a lovely job putting it all together.


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Jessica Rae Gordon said...

your piece looks so great! and the graphic page design is great. (it's always so nice to appear in publishing's with great type design)

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