Friday, March 6, 2009

The Canadian Portrait: Today and Tomorrow Reception

Last night was the reception for The Portrait Society of Canada’s The Canadian Portrait: Today and Tomorrow exhibition, which is being held at the John B. Aird Gallery in Toronto March 3 - 27. It was a fun night with a good turnout. My sister Jessica Gordon (awesome illustrator) and Adam Cialini (artist and musician) joined me at it. Adam was nice enough to take these pictures for us:) I had kinda insisted on taking flash-less photos at first until he cleaverly figured out that the flash was actually pretty much necessary for the lighting situaltion that night. So that's why we're mostly all in the dark until the end;)

Awww, me and Adam in front of Kate Stone's beautiful self-portrait

Best sister in the world.

I know I'm making a silly face in this one (I'm talking) but I like the fact that you can see us in it so I thought I'd stick it up too;)

This was near the end of the night when almost everyone had left, but it shows you a bit more of the exhibition;)

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