Monday, January 12, 2009

Artguise 2009 Selection

I have a new landscape, "Forest Splendour," a triptych, in the "Artguise 2009 Selection" exhibition, on now (January 7 - February 4th) at Artguise Gallery, 590 Bank street, Ottawa, 613 238 3803.

"Forest Splendour," oil on panel, each canvas 36"x 24"
(all together 36" x 72")


Peggi Habets said...

I'm not sure which I admire more, your portraits or your landscapes. One portrait painter said "If you want to get better at painting portraits, go outside and paind plein air." Think there's any truth to that?

Nicolas Martinez said...

Gorgeous stuff, Kristy!

I love how you did the ground.

Vanwall said...

Beautiful work, as usual. I'm sure glad I don't have to choose between your wonderful portraits or your splendid landscapes, it wouldn't be possible.

Jeanette said...

Kristy, I've come across your blog from another site and just had to say how lovely your work is. Your portraits are just amazing. You truly breathe life into them.

Kristy Gordon said...

Awww, thanks guys! I'm glad you like my landscapes as well as my portraits;)

Kali Fontecchio said...


Hobo Divine said...

Hi Kristy,

Mesmerizing work!

I still get rave reviews of "J.P. Picklebottom" (the portrait you painted).

I have a friend/painter/teacher that really wants to pow-wow with you.

I told her between consulting Obama, cheering up Operah and Bionic surgery with Rudy Wells your days are pretty booked.

Oh ya and school I almost forgot.

Anyway if you are interested I will send you a facebook facemessage with her info.

I also love the "Scrubbed Hands Are Good!" photo that Jessica took (below).

I can almost hear you giggle.

Take care,

~ Hobo

Hobo Divine said...

OMG I can't believe I misspelled Oprah!

I blame your mesmerizing work.

Kristy Gordon said...

hehe, thanks Jamie and Kali:)