Sunday, December 7, 2008

Portrait Society of Canada - Miracle of the Portrait Gala

Last night was the gala and award ceremony for the Portrait Society of Canada's Miracle of the Portrait. I am so excited to announce that my painting "Craig" won third prize in the competition! Here are some photos from the night that were taken by my sister, Jessica Gordon. (best sister in the world, and best illustrator too:)

Typical Kristy shot - it's me in the bathroom before we make our big entry

receiving my prize:)

This is a crazy shot. Jessica's the best photographer ever:)

me and Juan Martinez talking to Theresa Kowall-Shipp and Susan Tonna from Star Portraits during the gala

standing by the painting Yuqi had done in Santa Fe, but brought up for the conference.

Me with master painter Yuqi Wang:)

the award winners (left to right Marina Dieul, Mahmoud Meraji, Katherine Stone, and me)

The top finalists

Here's a photo of all the judges. From left to right - Juan Martinez, Marjorie Morton, Gwenneth Barth, Morton Harris, Irena Korosec, Yuqi Wang, Veronica Tsyglan, Dan Thompson